marți, iunie 10, 2008

Little tools big effects

It’s true. There are a lot of big tools that provide big benefits. But now I try to enumerate some little tools that made my life easier in the last time:

  • SoapUI – it’s a universal client for SOAP services; it let’s you make SOP calls if you know the WSDL location; you can use this tool to do stress testing and for this case is a replacement for JMeter witch has a special request for SOAP or XML-RPS services; it's integrable in Eclipse or standalone; an complete video user guide for SOAPUI can be find on this location
  • TCPMon – it’s a TCP/IP proxy that let’s you to intercept the traffic for your application; it shows clear the request and response messages; a similar capability is in the JMeter HTTP Proxy Server witch let you intercept the traffic generated by JMeter Test plans; it’s a replacement for a complete network sniffer and is under Apache coverage now
  • FPort – it’s a tool for detecting the busy ports on your computer, much more sophisticated that the nestat command (on both Windos and Linux); for some systems the netstat command is restricted and FPort is a solution for this inconvenient (in my actual job I have this problem)
  • JConsole – an utility that come with the JDK (after 5.0 version); it let you inspect the HEAP memory with all the zones (Eden Space, Survivor Space, Tenured Generation); you can detect memory leaks, the exposed MBeans and you have access to some informations about the classes loaded by JVM; it’s true you can’t use it for full profiling scopes – for this you must use a magic tool like JProfiler