vineri, septembrie 30, 2016

My Own Technologies Radar

After the Java One 2016 SF Conference I decided to clarify the stack of technologies that I like to (continue to) use, experiment or learn.

Happy to use
  • Java, Groovy, JavaScript
  • Spring instead of Java EE
  • Intellij Idea instead of Eclipse (I use Darcula LAF but old Eclipse shortcuts)
  • Git (Stash - Bitbucket, and not so much Github) instead of SVN
  • Gradle(Groovy scripting) instead of Maven, Ant
  • Spock and Geb instead of (in fact together) with JUnit
  • Angular instead of JQuery
  • Grails (Spring, Hibernate, Quartz)
  • Ionic (Angular, Cordova) for hybrid mobile applications (Android, iOS, Windows Phone)
  • AWS (I'm already using: Elastic Beanstalk, EC2, S3, CloudFront, Glacier, RDS, VPC, Route 53, IAM, CM, SES, WorkMail)
  • Atlassian Suite (Jira, HipChat, Bamboo, Bitbucket)
  • Apple products (Mac Book Pro -> macOS Sierra, iPhone -> iOS 10, Apple Watch -> watchOS 3)

To experiment and learn
  • Java 9 (modules, jshell)
  • Docker
  • Lambda expressions and streams (Java 8)
  • AWS Lambda + Api Gateway services
  • Scala (the last JVM language I will learn -> I will participate at  Scala eXchange 2016 in London)
  • Windows 10 and Windows Phone (because they are sharing the same store now)
  • Raspberry Pi (I already have a PI 3 MODEL B)

To keep an eye on (I used them in past but not currently)
  • Java EE (rebranded from JEE): Servlets, JSP, JAX-RS, JSF, EJB, CDI, JPA, etc
  • VertX (with Java 9 lambdas the syntax is more clean than before)
  • Firebase (for cloud serverless )
  • Jenkins
  • Mongo DB

Switch to new versions
  • Java 7 -> Java 8
  • Grails 2 -> Grails 3
  • Ionic 1 -> Ionic 2 (Angular 1 -> 2)