marți, octombrie 25, 2016

Good things

I will try here to keep here a list with various things that improved my day to day work!

Jenkins Server in minutes

If you want to have a rapid Jenkins server (eventually free for one year for your free AWS account) you can use this Jenkins preconfigured EC2 instance from AwsMarketlace. You press one button and the server is provisioned for you automatically (the password is shown in console). Link in Aws Marketplace:

Apple Continuity

If you have an Apple Mac wits MacOS Sierra, iPhone/iPad (iOs 10), Apple Watch (OS 3) you can use some cool features based on Apple Continuity (more info here)
  • Universal Clipboard your clipboard is shared between devices - copy on a device and paste on another
  • Handoff - start working on a device and continue on another (you can  see the changes in real-time on both devices)
  • Auto Unlock - unlock your Mac with Apple Watch -> demo; tutorial

Git Workflows

If you want to improve your Git workflow you can use one of the workflows described here: You can improve from a Centralized Workflow to Feature Branch Workflow and in the end to Gitflow Workflow. Or this simple flow. Or other workflows.


Very interesting topic: HDD - Hypothesis Driven Development - it was in my mind but it seems it is in other minds too. See this interesting article: And also this manifesto from Steve Black named Customer Development manifesto:


First, I saw this announcement: Crosswalk 23 to be the last Crosswalk release and after this, I saw a Service Worker in the Ionic 2 templates.  PWA it is described here: How you can do this with  Angular and Spring Boot you can find here: I remember that the Android Instant Apps was an announcement of Google

Progressive Web Applications -